Wednesday, January 5, 2011

passing time

I wish I could say that I've been MIA in the internet world because I've been busy birthing a baby. Nope. I just haven't really felt like getting online. Which is weird, probably a good thing, but strange for me.

I am in my NINTH month of pregnancy. And feeling like I might explode/die. The end of a pregnancy is really quite tortuous. All I want to do is fall asleep on my stomach and be back to the days of only one human inhabiting this body and not two.

I've had several friends write blogs lately called "confessions" I enjoy these. And since apparently I'm in to crowd are mine.

1. I got my first stretch marks last week, at 38 weeks. I cried.

2. I became disturbingly close to pooping my pants a few days ago. Luckily, I found a toilet just in time.

3. I've been unbearably selfish lately.

4. I'm too embaressed to admit the ungodly amount of sweets/treats I've consumed the past few

5. Hopefully this won't offend anyone... But I dislike it when people ask me "How is the baby doing?" I always give the same response, "Fine." How should I know?

6. There are some people I really just don't want to talk with about my cervix.

7. It also bugs me when people ask "When are you going to have this baby? I really want to see/meet her!" I can assure you if I had ANY control over it she'd already be here and I'm 110% positive I want to see/meet her 758 times more than you do.

8. I've given up on doing my hair. I rock a pony tail pretty much every day.

9. I know this post makes me sound like a beast...with bowel problems.


  1. Leslie I love seriously love you and this post!

  2. yes, it does make you sound like a beast with bowel problems! i ask you how baby is. so thanks, now i'm offended. maybe you shouldn't blog til after baby is born. i think you'll be a much happier blogger then :)

  3. no more waiting around.... here she comes!