Monday, December 27, 2010


Troy and I had a fanstastic Christmas! We spent most of it with his family this year (we switch off) but spent the morning with my mom to open presents. My mom as usual spoiled us. She knew we had been wanting a camcorder for when the baby comes so when she asked us what we wanted I suggested she could just give us some money to put towards the camcorder since thats what we were planning on getting ourselves for christmas. Instead she just went ahead and bought us one!

Troy also spoiled me. He was a big cheater face this Christmas. We had both talked about only getting each other one present this year and not to do anything extravagent since the baby and tuition are due pretty much the same time. So I followed through on the plan... and bought him Oregon Duck sweat pants and milk duds. And what did Troy do? He got me a cd, Inception and the 6th seasons of Grey's and The office and like 10 bags of my favorite candies. And so that it would fit the criteria of "one gift" he put it all in one box. And I gave him sweat pants... I felt like a lousy wife. A lucky wife, but a lousy one.

I really had a great Christmas. I had a lot of fun spending time with family and playing my two most favorite games, Wackee 6 and Catch Phrase. I get really excited when I play those games. I get really competitive even though I'm pretty terrible at Wackee 6. I'm so grateful for my family! I coudn't ask for anything more! Except maybe for this baby to hurry up and join the fam.


  1. Leslie I miss you so much. We need to get together sometime after you have your cute baby! I still have your present!!

  2. jae was a big cheater face too. we were only doing stockings for eachother this year, and let's just say only about half of my presents he got me even fit in my stocking! we are some lucky women :)

  3. Ya, look at my post. Ryan's a bum too. Our husbands rock.