Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Due Date

Today is the day I've been looking towards for 9 months and my day of sanity I've been grasping on to for the last 3 months. Pregnancy isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world. I know that I'll do it again but if I could afford surrogacy I'd probably seriously consider it.

The crappy thing about due dates is they're just an educated guess. I've been trying not to focus too much on the actual day because I know this "day" was just a guess. I've come to my husband in tears several times because I don't think I can stand being pregnant any longer. I've tried doing anything I can think of to not think of the fact that I have not had my baby yet. As you can see it's not working.

I'm trying to be optimistic though and I am so glad that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If this baby hasn't made her debut by Monday evening they're going to induce me.

I would just like to say that pregnancy has really made me aware of how much I took my awesome non-pregnant body for granted.

Non pregnant bodies can do lots of things easily on a good day.
*They can roll over in bed without waking up to change positions
*Sleep on their stomachs
*Walk up a single flight of stairs without being winded
*Hug their husbands without something in the way
*go most days without a stuffy nose
*tie their shoes
*twist and bend without so much as a thought
*move without pain
*go hours without peeing
*wear their wedding ring because their hands haven't swelled to the size of small sausages

and many more things I just can't think of right now.

I know that this is almost over. I can make it a few a more days (hopefully I won't have to!). And to all of you I promise I will let you know when something happens. Promise. If you haven't heard anything... probably nothing has happened.

Send all birthing thoughts my way. I may go crazy before Monday.

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