Thursday, December 9, 2010

If you blog it...They will come.

My last post I said I had no pictures of me because my friends hadn't posted any as of yet so I was just waiting on them. And voila! Both friends posted pictures. And no I assure you I am not having twins (I was asked that today) I've just gotten HUGE in the last month. So here I am in all of my large whale-ish glory....

me and one of my best friends Lisa who is due 2 weeks after me!

5 of the 6 of us from high school

I look ginormous in this picture but I had to post it because my husband is so darn cute

And these last 2 were taken of me today at 35 1/2 weeks
Look how much I've grown since month seven!

Although I've basically lost my waist you can see I'm pretty much just carrying this little girl out in front. Which according to a man named Roger who comes in to my work is how he could tell I was having a girl. He's kind of crazy so I attribute his correctness to a 50% shot at getting it right.


  1. Leslie you do look good. Seriously! It's all baby. And everyone gets big toward the end.seriously. I don't even eat and I still get huge at the end. Don't worry :). It's just a process.

    Women who have boys tend to have lower bellies. They 'ride low' and women who has girls tend to 'ride high'. I've heard that from lots of nurses so you usually can tell by the belly if they r far enough along.

    Good luck with everything and I want to drop off a baby gift sometime over the break when I'm in town. Josh to this day loves the blanket u gave him. Can't live without it. Thanks again!

  2. You really do look great! She'll be here soon enough! I'm so excited. Though I'm sad I won't meet her for a while!