Monday, December 20, 2010

Well done

I am officially 37 weeks today! Which for those of you who don't know is considered full term. Pregnancy is technically about 40 weeks long but I guess at 37 weeks the baby is "cooked" enough to be not considered "pre-term" if she were to be born today.

My lungs are smooshed, I've begun retaining water to the point I feel like an indoor swimming pool, and my belly is about as stretched as it can go. So baby... it's time to get out. You've over stayed your welcome in my uterus. I'd appreciate it if you'd hurry up.

Your dad and I are very much ready to meet you.

And if you come before the new year... We'll be able to claim you on our 2010 taxes and I'll buy you a nice present with the extra money from our tax return! How is that for incentive, eh?


  1. And the hospital stay would go to your deductible this year and not start over, making your bill cheaper. If it's anything like how mine was.

  2. I had Emery at 37 1/2 weeks!!! You are almost there! I can't wait to see your beautiful little girl!! I'm so excited for you!!

  3. you're a dorkus les haha. but i too, hope she comes asap!!

  4. I like your reasoning with the Tax Incentive. I'm sure you've got her convinced!

    it should be stated that once again I am super excited about your new bebe (read: baby). I love bebes (babies)... especially ones i'm related to!

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