Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I need this...

I want this crib bedding set. I want it sooo ridiculously bad. I'm super picky about baby stuff and I just can't seem to find anything I like except this. Everything else that is girly is pastel (blek), butterflies (double blek), or cutesy cartoon animals or worse cutesy cartoon butterflies (blek, blek, blek!). The downside is this bedding is a little pricey... I've been trying to be super thrifty since we're a little tight on cash. I'm re-painting a DI dresser, taking all of the hand-me downs I can get and I got a top rated car seat that runs for like $200 for $80. a steal if I do say so myself! So I can justify spending a little extra on some bedding that will get pooped, peed and puked on all the time, right?
I'm probably going to talk myself in to buying this. I want it that bad.


  1. don't spend money on bedding!!!! You barely use it. I saw a tutorial to make a skirt, really simple. You don't need a bumper because once they roll you have to take it off so they don't smash their face in it. You don't need pillows since they don't use it and you don't use a blanket, at least not a comforter type blanket. Don't do it!

  2. One more thing. If anything buy designer fabric and make it. (check out etsy, amy butler, henry alexander, heather bailey, those are some of my favorites). I'll make a skirt for you if you want tell me what fabric and it will be my gift to you. And sheet, cuz I know I can do those.

  3. Target is having a "Baby Sale"... I assume that means on baby items and not babies themselves.