Saturday, September 4, 2010

the glamorous side of marriage/true love

I couldn't decide which was a better title for this post about the conversation my husband and I had today.

Let me set the seen... Troy and I had just finished eating lunch. Troy stood up to put the dishes away and I was still sitting reading the newspaper. Troy walks over to me and starts picking through my hair, you know just like how monkeys pick through each others fur... minus the eating part.

Me: Do I have dandruff?
Troy: Yeah.
Me: Is it really bad?
Troy: Well... it kind of looks like someone was eating potato chips over your head.
Me: gross.

In my defense pregnancy has given me the worst dandruff, this isn't a usual thing for me.

He loves me thats for sure :)

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  1. oh man, being in love really is the best. things like this happen with vince and i and it always makes me laugh ... its nice to know that i have someone that i am completely 100% myself with.