Monday, August 20, 2012


I have fallen off of the blogging planet. Apologies. But I guess I should only apologize if you missed me. If you didn't then... you're welcome.

Izzie is 19 months now. That is almost 20 months. Which is practically 2 years. I'm having a minor freak out. Has it really almost been 2 years? BAH.

Who needs a ladder when you can climb up the slide instead?

She is everywhere these days. And she has an attitude to boot. I call her the tantrum queen because I have to deal with a tantrum about every hour. She screams, throws things, runs away, scratches and she bites. BITES.ALL.THE.TIME. She bites hard enough to leave marks. And I am at my wits end. Help me please.

Now, so that you don't think I have given birth to a demon baby {even though some days I feel like I have}... Here are the good things.

Zoo Day August 2012

She dances every chance she gets. And she has the best moves. If I could figure out how to post a video of said moves I totally would. Just imagine a little girl spinning in circles with ballerina arms and random head bobs. She loves to growl and pretend to be "scary". She jumps out at random strangers and growls at them. Most people don't know how to react. She also loves to jump. If I ever hear her say "wah, twooo,...." I have to quickly turn around and catch her before she says "weeee!"She randomly likes to jump from places when we aren't looking. For instance, concrete stairs, couches, pools, etc... Luckily, I am basically cat woman and have awesome reflexes. I have saved her from breaking her neck at least a dozen times. She loves babies and is usually toting around her own baby everywhere. She takes her baby for walks, covers it with blankets and gives it kisses too. It's incredibly sweet and I am surprised at how early these gender roles have kicked in. I never even taught her these things!

Mid growl

She still loves her binky. And I have tried taking it away during the day time when she is awake but it has been a battle. And mostly because Troy doesn't think it's a big deal that she still likes to keep it in all of the time. I really don't want to have that kid who has her binky until she is well past binky-hood but you've got to pick your battles. And you've never seen a kid go to kindergarten with a binky, right? please tell me I'm right.

Add caption

We went to the doctor recently and she is doing well and on track. She is in the 60-something percentiles for height and weight and 90's for her head {as always}. I am a little concerned about her speech because I don't think it's quite where it should be. The doctor said she should be saying between 20-30 words. She says about 20 but several of them are in her own kind of language. She says things like "Be-dah" {thank you}, "dah dah" {all done}, "shhh" {fish}. As well as some others. Troy says I worry too much. Hopefully that is true. I've never had kids before... is this normal?

Playing at the park with dad

The doctor also mentioned that Izzie probably has a food intolerance to something. She still has very wet #2 diapers just like an infant does. So I've been busy trying to eliminate several common intolerances from her diet to try and figure out what might be causing it.

Zoo Day

So that's Izzie for you in a nutshell. Troy and I have been busy with work and school. Troy just started fall semester today and in the next week or two I will never see him again because Junior Jazz is starting up for Fall. By the way if you know of anyone who loves basketball and needs a job send them to Troy. They are hiring right now!

Oh and I ran that 10k. I really did. I just haven't blogged about it. Maybe I will... one day.

Family pics June 2012

So consider yourself updated.


  1. That family picture of you all at the end is STUNNING. Such a beautiful family!

    And i loved the update--what a sweet girl you have. I swear that you just barely posted something about her turning one, and now look what's happened. Time flies.

    Cute post!

  2. i'm basically cat woman haha thats funny.
    and the speech thing is normal...... i recently took a class on it:) she'll have a "word burst" in the next couple months.... if the text book is correct......