Sunday, July 22, 2012


Anyone remember this post from last year about my BHAG? 
well I never did run it. 
I just wasn't where I should have been mentally to run 6 miles. 
Well folks... on tuesday I am doing it. I am finally completing my BHAG one year later. 
I am running the deseret news 10k. 
I am signed up and everything. I'm a little nervous. 
But mostly really excited! 
I've been training hard and I am ready! 

cross your fingers that I beat Troy.
That's part two of my goal.
He just doesn't know it.


  1. good luck!! i hope you get both of your goals! :D

  2. wahoo! good luck! well i guess thats today right? so maybe you are running right now! jealous, wanna run with you.... or far behind you. you are sausome!