Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been so preoccupied with my life lately that I have not had time to blog about my little munchkin. Seriously between planning for the triathlon, the decathlon, the last week of school PE water games day plus my recent medical issues... I feel like I've fallen off of the grid. I am happy to report that my medical stuff seems to be going better. My doctor put me on a treatment and I seem to be getting better. I would tell you all about it but I PROMISE you would say T-M-I! So I will spare you the dirty details and tell you that so far things are getting better! No evasive procedures for me! {Fingers crossed everything keeps going well}

Wasn't I updating about Izzie and not me?? So sorry. Here is an update of Izzie complete with pictures from Troy's phone.

Seriously where did the time go??? She threw her first public tantrum the other day at Target because she wanted to carry the basket but it was too heavy for her so I tried to help her. She would NOT have it and threw herself on the ground and started screaming. I immediately picked her up and carried her football style to the check out.

 Her favorite word is "uh-oh" she says it any time she or anyone else drops something. "Whoa!" is also a favorite. She finally started saying "mama". Before when she was saying mama I think it was more babble than anything. She loves playing "Pee! Doo!" {peek-a-boo}. She knows where her head, mouth and toes are. She also says "Bye da!" no "bye ma!" yet... we will get there...we will get there! She also says her own version of thank you. Troy and I are the only ones who understand that one. She says "woof woof" anytime she sees a dog.

She is my little helper and wants to do every-thing. She tries to put away the dishes, sweep the floor, fold clothes, eat my food, etc... And as cute it is it drives me crazy because it takes me 10 times as long to do something.

I swear she is the smartest baby in the whole world. She does puzzles! They're just the wood puzzles and you put the pieces inside the cut out with the matching picture but she'll do like 3 puzzles at a time with all of the pieces out and she knows which pieces go where. She has a little trouble getting them fit but still. And don't tell me that all 16 month olds can do this because I don't care. She is still the smartest baby in the world.

She loves books and reading and going to the park. We don't take her to the park nearly enough because Troy and I are always switching off who is watching her depending on our work schedules.  She always longingly stares at the park across the street and I am just too tired to take her by the time I get home.

Izzie is really the best baby. Everyone always comments to us on how well behaved she is {minus the Target melt down}. She never wanders too far from us and she plays really well with other little kids. She's usually really good when we are out somewhere. It's when we are at home that her little attitude shows up. She will stomp her feet, get mad and scream when she doesn't get her way. Izzie never wants to eat in her high chair. Most of the time the only way I can get her to eat is if I let her walk around and come for bites of food when she feels like it. I can FEEL the bad habits forming!! She will NOT eat meat. The only meat she will eat are hot dogs and only if they are cooked on the grill. Anything else she will spit out.

 She cut out her second nap about a month ago. I miss it terribly. By dinner time she is super cranky but will not sleep. That was a sad day in the Jackson household for sure.

She keeps us on our toes. I mean it. She's always running off somewhere or scraping her knees or trying to throw my keys in the toilet. Honestly, I don't know what we'd do without her though. Izzie we love you so much! Thanks for being ours!

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  1. it has officially been too long since i've seen that sweet girl. (and you too, Les ;)) please let's get together ASAPPPPPPPPPPP. xo.