Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is long... and I won't be offended if you don't read it. It's more for me anyway.

I've had this awful icky sick to my stomach feeling for the past 24 hours.
No I'm not sick.

I need to get this off my chest but I don't really want to write about it because I'm nervous that people will think, "Wow Leslie, you're kinda dumb."

Maybe I am... but please don't say it.

In an effort to keep my new years resolution of being more honest on my blog... here goes.

Yesterday Izzie was sick with a fever and not well enough to go to daycare. I called and cancelled daycare. I tried to get a sub for school but it was too late so they just had to cancel PE. No biggie really. I told my daycare lady that I would keep her posted on whether Izzie got better over the course of the day.

By 6:00pm Izzie still had a fever around 100. So I decided to cancel daycare tomorrow as well. So I called and then I asked as well meaning as ever,

"Since I cancelled on you so last minute this week am I supposed
to pay you?"

to which my daycare lady snapped at me with her thick Italian attitude,

"Well since you've never paid when the baby has been gone in the past... I don't expect you to start paying now!"

I was seriously taken aback. At first I had no idea what she was talking about and then suddenly I realized what she was referring too. Since I "teach" PE I get all school holidays off...unpaid.

Fall break.
Thanksgiving break.
Christmas break.

She has never said one word to me before this. Not one. I don't remember her ever telling me this or ever signing anything other than a consent form for Ipecac if it were ever needed. I remember her telling me during our interview that she closes for standard holidays. In turn, I told that was fine because I work at school and get all school holidays off so I wouldn't need her then. She never said anything like, "you need to pay me even if you aren't using my services."

In retrospect, when I think about it, I can understand and see the logic in paying her even when I don't need her. It just bugs me that if she expected me to pay her, that she never said anything to me. Instead she just held on to this resentment. I've never had a child in daycare before. How the heck am I supposed to know? I was pissed. And hurt. She's been acting indifferent to me since Izzie came back from Christmas break.
Now I know why.

I went to bed all worked up about it and I'm still thinking about it now {obviously}. And my damn conscious is telling me I should pay her for all of my "breaks". But the {embarrassing} truth... I can't afford it. I can't afford any sort of back payments. I can't afford to pay her when I'm not working and not bringing in money. Daycare already takes half of my paycheck. And we really need that other half to you live.

So that's that. I'm annoyed at how she went about the situation. I probably could have gotten the money if I had known about it. If she had told me before she got all lame. But now that money is gone and has been used for other things.
Now I feel like she's always going to hate me and that I'm the "bad client". And this combined with a few other things that have happened make me want to find a new daycare provider.
I wish we had family close by that was able to watch Izzie. Finding daycare sucks.

So there you have it. Honest to blog this is how I'm feeling right now.


  1. From what you have told me I would consider switching. I wouldn't have thought you have to pay when she's not there especially since she is part time and doesn't go everyday. I would totally watch her if we lived closer.

  2. talk about frustrating!! I would have done the same thing as you - I never would have thought that you were supposed to pay when your daughter isn't being watched. To me, it still doesn't make sense. I wish I was just a little closer so that I could watch her for you - but alas I am a 20 minute drive to sugarhouse. I have one day off during the week when I would be happy to watch Izzie if you wanted to bring her out her to slc. I'm serious. Good luck my darling. Don't be so hard on yourself, it is obviously the ignorance of the daycare provider - not you. She can't expect you to read her mind! You're a great mom and a great person, don't let her bring you down. I would try and find a new daycare as well.

  3. yeah that is a little crazy to me too. obviously i've never had a child in daycare myself, but when it's a holiday or something, why would you still pay? it makes sense to pay for the days that she's at daycare. but maybe i don't understand. it sounds like now it's to a point where its awkward and frustrating. and when it's about who you're leaving your child with, i would probably want to get a new one too. mary's mom still does it...and she's WONDERFUL. seriously, nicest lady ever. let me know if you want her number :) xo.

  4. shoot that would make me sick too. yuck. i hate that feeling. what a fat head. that should be on some contract. or is it one of those 'supposta know things like tipping? I don't think it makes sense to pay her when you don't use her. pick her brain on the etiquette of daycare... then break up with her. I would be weary having someone watch my child who is harboring resentment against me or us. I do wish I could help you out. I am just sad thinking about how izzie doesn't know who I am. *sniff* i want to be important to her. instead she spends time with that lady- who may have just been having a bad day and you got in her way. poor leslie. at least she wasn't driving behind you.