Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kids say the darndest things

These are the kinds of conversations I have every day...

on a particularly chilly morning when most of the kids were complaining of the cold one boy piped up and said, "Mrs. Jackson I'm not cold. In fact I'm warm. I was born in spring so I'm used to this weather." Ok dude, whatever you say.

girl: "Mrs. Jackson I can't sit down I'm allergic to grass" (After she had just been rolling around)
me: well you were just rolling in the grass...
girl: my pants aren't allergic to grass
me: I think you'll be fine, sit down

girl 2: "I can't do sit ups today. My heel hurts "

boy: So how do we play?
me: {I explain how to play}
boy: that wasn't a question
me: what wasn't a question?
boy: what I asked
me: if you asked it... that's a question.
boy: no it's not.

and my favorite...

girl: Mrs. Jackson you look different today
me: how do I look different?
girl: you look pretty

I'll take what I can get :)


  1. I remember trying every excuse in the book to get out of gym class. Funny kids!

  2. Cutest post ever. I love little kids. :)

  3. haha ah thats great. I want to hear about your job in person Leslie!