Thursday, September 22, 2011

a typically typical day

My friend Mary posted {awhile ago, I'm behind} her typical day and I liked it. And I thought I want to do that to. So here I go!

Here is my typical non-working day...

6:20 am- wake up call from my cute little alarm I like to call Izzie.
6:20-6:45 am- Play with Izzie and make my breakfast {instant breakfast and a slice of bread with peanut butter}
6:45am- feed Izzie and myself
7:00am- watch Good Morning America while Izzie plays for 30-45 minutes
7:45am- do the dishes while Izzie plays in the exersaucer. Continue until dishes are done or until Izzie whines or cries wayy too much. If I'm lucky I get to clean some of the kitchen too.
8:30-9am ish- Put Izzie down for a nap.
9-11am- Then I either nap, finish cleaning, blog, Facebook, watch tv, look up lesson plan ideas for PE the next week.
11am- Izzie gets up from her nap and eats lunch.
12pm- I eat lunch
12:30-2:30- play with Izzie, run errands
2:30pm- make Izzie a bottle
2:45-3pm- put Izzie down for second nap
3-5pm- figure out dinner, surf internet for recipes, craft
5pm- Izzie wakes up
5:30pm- make Izzie dinner/feed her
6pm- make dinner
7:00-7:30pm- Troy comes home, we eat dinner
7:30- family play time
8:00 pm- Put Izzie in jammies and feed her and rock her to sleep.
8:30-9pm Izzie {hopefully} is in her crib trying to fall asleep. Troy and I take turns going in to her room to rub her back, lay her back down and tell her it's bed time.
9pm- watch tv with Troy or more recently do some P90x. I only do P90x 3 times a week.
10:30pm- in bed falling asleep.

I'm exhausted just typing it out.

The End.


  1. i love getting a glimpse in to others lives! sounds like a lot of work, but i think being a mommy has got to be the greatest thing ever. thanks for sharing!

  2. well geez now i feel like i HAVE to blog about my day! i just know you're all dying to hear/read about it.

  3. Instant Breakfast is probably the single most important breakfast invention since, well, sliced bread. I'd die without it. Or just starve :)