Friday, May 13, 2011

Isabel: 4 months

Dear Izzie,

You my little ray of sunshine are getting so big! I say that every month but you are no exception to the rule that babies grow. And grow you do! I'm guessing you're about 16lbs now. We'll find out for sure on Monday when you go in for your 4 month check up. Which I'll have you know I am dreading!

You've been giggling a little more and smiling more if that's even possible. You're always so happy unless we head to Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's. If that's the case you make the sweetest pouty face at both of them. You're really good at knowing when you have an exceptionally cute outfit on. Whenever I put you in something adorable you like to quickly put an end to my oohing and aahing of your cuteness and poop all over it. You've also become quite the multi-tasker. When you nurse you like to try to suck your thumb at the same time. You love sucking your thumb and all of your fingers too. You try to shove your whole fist in your mouth until gag yourself. You've discovered that you can yell. You love yelling at everyone. It's gleeful yelling so we adore it. You love dogs. You squeal with delight when you see them and follow them with your eyes every where they go. You're much more interactive now and enjoy playing with a few toys. This usually consists of you grabbing them, smiling and devouring. We think you're so great. We love you!


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