Saturday, April 16, 2011


Izzie turned 3 months on Tuesday... I'm behind.


3 months? What? You're getting sooo big! All you do is smile lately. In fact I've finally been able to catch a few of those smiles on camera. We have to be sneaky though because as soon we whip out the camera you get this strange look on your face. You chew on your hands all day and you have a constant wet spot down the front of your shirt from all your drool. We think you've already started teething. I'm so not prepared for that. You are probably the best sleeper in the whole world. And I realize how I might jinx myself saying that... But seriously you are. You sleep about 10 hours a night. You love sitting up and you're so close to rolling over. You've started giggling and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard. You talk all the time and you make all sorts of squeals, yells and sounds. You let everyone know you are here with that tiny voice of yours. Strangers absolutely adore you. We actually had a lady stalk us at the grocery store. She stopped both me and your dad separately and told us how cute you were. When she stopped me she stood there and stared at you for a good minute until I awkwardly said "Well... see you later." I really can't blame her though. I've never seen such a beautiful baby either. We're so in love with you.



  1. awwww absolutely adorable! i swear when G went through that stage his outfit included a bib so that when he soaked through the bib then he could soak through the shirt after ... less outfits! =P

  2. she is freaking cute!! can't believe she's already been here 3 months!