Monday, March 7, 2011

Scary Movies

I used to LOVE scary movies. I remember back in junior high school going to Top Hat with my best friend Bekah and renting scary movies every weekend. As I got older and in high school I started loving scary movies for a different reason. It gave me an excuse to snuggle up close to a cute boy.
Now that I'm married and I don't need an excuse to cuddle with my husband I've tried to avoid scary movies. I think we've watched a total of 3 scary movies since we've been married. Saturday night Troy made me watch the scariest movie I've ever seen. Call me a baby... whatever. But movies that could actually happen in real life freak me out the most.

The past 2 nights I've spent jumping at every creak and pop our house has made imagining there are 3 masked murders waiting to jump out and kill my family.
Good job movie maker people, you officially freaked me out.


  1. i LOVE scary movies but this one freaked me out too! plus i think its different once you have a family.

  2. movie maker people haha leslie.. oh leslie...

  3. yikes, that movie seriously scared me too. we watched it a few halloweens ago and i freaked after -- i made sure our deadbolt was locked and i made vince check all closets in our apartment before we could go to bed. holy stink, that movie is freaky!!