Monday, March 21, 2011

photo post

Since my computer problems are fixed. I'm finally able to put up the pictures of Izzie from my camera. Here she is from 3 days to 2 months. You can see how much she's changed!

3 days old

napping with dad

wrinkly newborn baby feet

8 days old

rocker baby, 2 weeks

3 weeks old

first day of church, 4 weeks old

church again, 5 weeks

fresh from the bath in our monster towel, 5 weeks

smiling in her sleep, 6 weeks

bear suit


she is the prettiest baby!

tummy time!

another bear suit

this is what happens when I leave Izzie alone with dad and a dry erase marker...

more nap time with dad


  1. that moustache is hilarious! LOVE the bear suits just another reason why Eli and Izzie are betrothed!

  2. that seriously kills me that troy did that, its freaking hilarious!!! she is adorable!