Saturday, March 12, 2011

Isabel: two months

Oh my little munchkin!

You have grown so much this pass month. At six weeks we had to start putting you in your three month clothes because I could no longer squeeze you in to your newborn clothes. You're becoming quite the chunk and I'm loving all of your little rolls and dimples.

Your smiling, oohing and aahing is an every day thing now. You talk and smile so much. Often times I find you smiling and talking to yourself in your crib. You especially love talking to your dad when he comes home from work. You've also started to giggle in your sleep and I wonder all of the time what you could possibly be dreaming about. When you're awake you try to laugh. You will get a big smile on your face and do a quick "Ha!"

You're sleeping a little better at night but I'm still longing for the days when you'll sleep through the night. You have also started to sleep in your own room this month.

I love how you recognize mine and your dads voices. If someone else is holding you and you hear one of our voices you immediately turn your head to look for us. And as of today you have officially discovered your right hand. You keep bringing your hand to your mouth to suck on it, where as before if you ever sucked on your fingers it was by accident.

You keep learning, growing and getting more cute every day! We love you so much.

Here you are today on your 2 month birthday!


  1. She is so sweet! Don't you just love seeing them learn these simple little things? and cheer over it!