Friday, October 8, 2010


Where has my sleep gone? That's what I want to know. Last I checked I'm not expecting a baby until January... I thought I might be able to get a couple months of sleep in before that. I suppose I was wrong.

This child never stops kicking me. All night long she's rolling around or kicking me. All day long it's the same thing. When she finally stops I start getting paranoid because her movements are so constant that the silence in my belly makes me think something is wrong. So then again I can't sleep.

Also, my doctor thinks I pulled a muscle or a ligament in my groin/lower abdominal region or possibly gave myself an early hernia. So every time I need to change positions in the middle of the night it's really painful. Which also isn't exactly helpful to my sleep either.

Not to mention the middle of the night bathroom breaks that have gone from one to two trips in the past few days.

So long sleep. I will miss you for the next 30 years...


  1. Totally understand. I fall asleep way fast, but then can't stay asleep very well. I'm not looking forward to the double bathroom trips, one is plenty! Hope your stomach pain goes away soon!

  2. so sad yet so true. my little man slept through the night for awhile but now i think he is teething and its back to the way he slept when he was a newborn. driving me insane. good luck! <3