Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

The debate. I watched and I loved it. I don't know why but I love politics lately. I hate how stupid it makes people on Facebook though. I hate how disrespectful people can be when it comes to opinions.

I think sheets have an average life span of just over 3 years. Troy and I have only owned 2 pairs of sheets that we were given to us when we were married. Both have become thread bare and holey in the last month. Or maybe we're just really rough with our sheets? Now that didn't sound awkward at all....

I think that grasshoppers and praying mantis are two of the scariest bugs on earth (right after spiders). Both of which have been in my yard lately. A praying mantis was actually trying to climb on my foot yesterday and I screamed and ran inside.

If you are laughing at me, seriously, think about it. Grasshoppers can land on you at any moment and jump REALLY far. Praying Mantis are just evil.

I want to play a "walker" on the tv show The Walking Dead. That would be fantastic.

Speaking of, I am so excited for season 3! Too bad I no longer have cable.

I really wish it were a year from now.

How excited are you for Halloween? Can I get a whoop whoop!?


That's all I got.

Lame post signing off.


  1. Yes you are too rough with your sheets. We still use some from when we were married. Walking Dead. Seriously wish I didn't enjoy that show. But I do. I hate praying mantis and grasshoppers too. Gross!!

  2. grasshoppers freak me out too. i totally hear ya.