Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isabel: one month

I've been missing from the blogging world. Newborn babies are time consuming, who'd have thought?

You turned one month on the 12th! It has definitely been the craziest month of my life. There was a lot of eating, pooping, hiccups and crying. A lot of crying on both of our parts. Figuring out a baby is hard and I think it's been hard for you to figure out this world. It's been amazing to watch you learn even the most simple of things.

You grunt every day, especially when you're hungry. You hate hiccups and your carseat. You hardly ever let me put you down. You prefer to be held so you're in a sitting position. Last week you started ooing and aahing. Not all the time but I've loved listening to you talk (and so has your dad and both grandmas). You have started to figure out how to smile. Especially these last couple days which I guess is technically your second month of life but either way I love it.

You're a pretty good sleeper. At two weeks you started sleeping about 5 hours a night. You have your nights of course like all babies do but you do pretty well. You also LOVE to eat and suck on everything. Since I'm breastfeeding you, I wanted to postpone giving you a binky for the first couple of weeks like all of the breastfeeding specialists recommend. Except you constantly have to suck so by day 3 I gave in. You and your binky have been best friends ever since. You are most certainly a cuddler just like me and I've enjoyed every second of cuddling you. You also got to meet your best friend Addie for the first time. You guys just layed there together but Lisa and I are pretty sure you'll be fast friends.

I'm looking forward to month two and what it will bring and just to watch you learn more. Please go easy on your old mom though... I'm still new at this :)

Love, Mom


  1. that is so sweet! i can tell you truly love her. It brings back a lot of memories for me too! i am sure she has changed so much. watch those blinks!

  2. try a wrap or sling so you arent holding her 24/7. i LOVE my moby wrap (kinda pricey but was a gift but would have spent the $ bc it is a lifesaver). she is beautiful and best of luck to you both!!! <3