Thursday, June 10, 2010

The moment you've all been waiting for...

I'm posting! YAY!
It's a little long but it'll be worth it if you keep reading. I promise.

Let me first just recap the last little bit of not very good updating... So we went on our anniversary trip at the beginning of May. Then we celebrated our actual anniversary on May 21st.

Jay Z couldn't have said it better... "a picture perfect day that lasts a whole lifetime"
super glad I got married last year and not this year. it rained on our anniversary.
How pretty was this day??

And then over Memorial Weekend we moved back in with my mom. We live in her basement. It works for now but we're hoping to be out of here sooner, rather than later. I'll explain why we moved in with her in a few moments...

Then it was my birthday! I turned 23! yay! My mom and her boyfriend took me out to the Olive Garden for dinner and I completely stuffed myself. Troy didn't come along because he left for California on my birthday to go support our nephews baptism and see his sister. No worries though Troy made me cupcakes and bought me some Tom's shoes. I am in love. And I love wearing them to work. It makes standing for 6 hours not soo bad. I still think they're weird looking. But sooo comfy. Here they are...
Then...on the 5th all of "The Sixlets" from high school finally got together. Yes we called ourselves the the sixlets. Don't judge. We hadn't all been together since before Bekah left on her mission. That was sometime in 2008. A few of my favorite pictures from that weekend.
We were trying to re-create this picture from high school....
And then...the slide broke.

And finally...what I've been holding out on telling everyone for what seems like the past eternity.

Remember these guys from a previous blog like 6 months ago?

Well...apparently you jinx yourself when you get bored online and as a joke get on a website to see what your kids will look like.


i'm pregnant.

Due January 11th.
More on that later.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is so exciting! i know its just a little bean right now but you will have to let me know what u r having when u find out so i can start a blanket for you! so fun!!! <3

  2. You finally announced it! Horray! The world knows! Do you realize we are almost in the exact opposite order?

  3. les -- congrats!!! eee, i'm so excited for you guys!!

    and i bought a pair of toms on memorial day (red ones, too!) and i LOOOOOVE them. best purchase ever.

    anyway, congrats again. what happy news!

  4. Yay Leslie! I'm so happy for you! But you knew that already.

  5. Love Love Love it! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I'm super happy for you two...!

  6. LESLIE!! Im shocked haha! Congrats! I am seriously so happy for you! You will be the cutest mama ever!