Saturday, June 26, 2010

alone time

I sure like my husband.

Nothing particularly awesome happened this weekend. Anyone else would probably say... and you enjoyed this why?

Sometimes I love uneventful weekends.

Friday night I worked until 9pm. Afterward Troy and I decided to go to Cold Stone. We got our delicious ice cream and sat on a nice grassy spot in the summer air. We talked about random things. Mostly about the new Eminem album that just came out. We dissected our favorite song "love the way you lie." Just things like why we thought he wrote it, What he meant by it, etc.. Then we went to blockbuster and rented "She's out of my league" and "Shutter island." We went home got in bed and snuggled while watching she's out of my league. It was alright. It ended up being more of a chick flick than I thought it would be... a raunchy chick flick... but chick flick-ish nonetheless. Then we fell asleep.

Saturday we both worked. I got off at 4. And then we went to dinner at Paradise Bakery. Then stopped at shopko to buy me a new (and cheap) bra. Pregnancy has done some amazing things to my boobs. Like make them even bigger than they already are. We came home and watched shutter island. And now I'm blogging.

I really like him. I just like being with him and spending time alone with him. I know this time will soon be gone so I'm trying to suck it all in. The next 6 months will not be taken for granted.

We are now going to watch season 4 of the office on dvd.

i love my life :)

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