Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Apparently God uses technology.

Today my prayer that I said this morning was answered in the form of a blog that I read this afternoon. Yes I said a blog. I found it slightly amusing myself.

As of lately I haven't been praying as often as I normally do. In fact, the past week (not including today) I've prayed maybe once. Considering the events transpiring in my life as of the current moment you'd think a person like me (someone who has 100% faith in prayer) might be at least doubling in prayer. In complete honesty I've been too afraid to pray. I've been too afraid for an answer. I've been too afraid for a yes. I've been too afraid for a no. I've been trying the whole "ignorance is bliss" thing and it hasn't really been working.

Somehow today I mustered up the courage to say a prayer. I tried everything I could to avoid it... My favorite song was playing on the radio, I had to fix my bagel for breakfast, I need to mentally prepare myself for my first day of Abnormal Child Psych. I couldn't shake this nagging feeling of needing to pray. So I did. I layed all of my fears on the table and told Him every one of them. And then I went to class.

Being the first day of class, my actual class was only about 20 minutes long. I had about 2 hours to kill before my meeting with my field experience professor. I went to the computer lab to get a head start on my online class. That got boring fast and long story short... I got on Facebook. One of the status updates in my facebook feed was from a girl I know but who I honestly haven't talked to since high school. I remembered I'd stumbled across her blog once through clicking through other blogs. The thought "I should read her blog" ran across my brain. I wrestled through thoughts of "why?" and had an actual dialogue in my head of how I didn't even remember how I found her blog in the first place. Eventually, I clicked on her FB page and there was the link to her blog.

Her very first post was about an exact experience she had been through that I am currently going through. I was actually a little amazed at how similar our stories were. It basically went on to explain how she overcame this struggle. It wasn't really a step by step guide or anything. it was more of a "have faith and do." I almost burst into tears right there in the computer lab. Thankfully, I didn't. I think people who cry in public are awkward. Even though I will admit I have before...

I've always heard that God speaks to you in ways and by means that you can understand. I might possibly spend too much time on the internet if this is how He feels He needs to communicate with me... Kind of embarressing. However, all I really wanted to emphasize in this post is that God listens and he knows.

I don't really want to be preachy. I don't like being preached to...believe me I know I'm imperfect. I don't care what religion you are, if you're even religious, or spiritual, if you're not where others expect you to be "spiritually" or whatever. It is my belief that God listens to you no matter what. No matter your religion, no matter what stage your faith and he does all that he can to help you as long as you act on your faith no matter how small it might be. I just think it's important to have faith and then to share those faith building experiences with others. You never know when someone needs it.

So those are my thoughts.

And I've decided to issue a challenge... Post a faith building experience of your own (on your own blog). Post some faith. ha. I would be tickled pink to read even just one!

I can't believe I just wrote "tickled pink" I am disgusting.


  1. I love this post! You're awesome. Check my blog in the next few days for a faith building experience....i never back down from a challenge. Especially blog challenges, they are serious business.

  2. Leslie! I seriously love you! That was the best post i've read in awhile! I love when people are just real and are able to express how they feel! You are such and example to me! I've been slacking off lately and I could definately have a little bit more faith in my life! You are beautiful and I miss you! :) hope all is well!

  3. LOVE this blog! hope all is well!!!!!