Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anniversary "staycation"

So mine and Troy's anniversary technically isn't until the 21st of May. However, school starts on Monday for me so we decided to fit our trip into my 10 day "summer vacation." Let me just give you a brief synopsis of our 4.5 day trip.

Friday was my "almost graduation" since I graduate in august I still got to walk this spring.

So I sort of graduated. Then we went and checked into our hotel at one of the Marriott's downtown. Not the nicest Marriott ever, but it was free so there were no complaints from me! It was within walking distance from everything we wanted to do so Troy and I walked EVERYWHERE.
Everything in the marriott was sea shell themed. I thought it was creative.

On Saturday, Troy and I walked not ran The Race for The Cure with my mom, Blair (my moms man friend), Colleen, Barb and Vince (my moms friends). Barb is one of my moms best friends and is a survivor of breast cancer. This was my 3rd race and I try to participate every year in honor of Barb, my aunt Cathy, our family friend Karma and in memory of my friend Jessica's mom Linda.

On our way to the race. That's Colleen, mom, Blair and Troy in the Corner.

The Starting line!

The sea of people

not exactly our best picture..

Saturday night Troy and I decided to treat ourselves to very expensive steak at Spencer's for Steak and Chops. Where the food was delicious. The service was excellent. They didn't rush us at all. It took us 2 1/2 hours to eat our dinner (and watch a disappointing Jazz game). Where I had this dessert that changed my life.

Ice cream, chocolate tort with whipped cream and berries and creme brule
(or however you spell it)
I died and went to heaven. Thanks again, kirsti!

Sunday we went up to Park City and checked into the Waldorf Astoria for 2 nights. Boy did we ever feel out of place! Everywhere we went it was "Mr and Mrs Jackson, How are you today? Can I get you anything? Here have a bottle of water!" It was valet parking only. Complete with bell hop, and nightly turn down service. The second night we turned down our turn down service. It's awkward to have someone close your blinds and pull the covers down on your bed for you. We did however accept the chocolate that they put on our pillow at night :)

The mini bar that came with a mini fridge and stuff in the cupboards

Our complimentary bottle of sparkling grape juice with card that said "Congratulations!"

You can see Troy in the mirror rockin' his robe that came with the room!

Yes, that is a tv in the bathroom. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited troy was about this.

me chillin in bed with my complimentary slippers.

Our trip was super fun! It would have been more fun if I wasn't sick pretty much 80% of the time. We relaxed in our room a lot. We also went to the outlet stores and shopped til our hearts were full and our wallet was empty. It was nice to have Troy all to myself all day everyday for 5 full days! I can't wait until our next anniversary trip!

Oh and one fun thing I forgot to mention that Troy and I did since we stayed so close to home. We wanted to seem like we were more on vacation so we decided to try and eat at at least one restaurant either one or neither of us has ever been to for one meal every day. We unfortunately never got to eat at the The Green Pig like I was hoping :(

We ate at...
The Tin Angel Cafe
Spencer's for Steak and Chops
Judge Cafe
Red Rock

My favorite was by far Judge Cafe which is actually spelled "jvdge" It's on broadway in downtown slc. They had the yummiest eggs and hash browns! I really recommend it!

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