Saturday, April 17, 2010

skin writer

I am a freak. Ok... I am not a freak. My skin is freakish. I have what's called "dermatographia" have you ever heard of it? I never had. It literally translates into skin writing. I've had it for...umm... since junior high? And was officially diagnosed with it about 9 months ago. It's not anything serious. Basically it just means that whenever you get scratched your skin releases histamines and welts and looks like you just got in a fight with a cat. I just have freakishly sensitive skin. According to wikipedia about 4-5% of people have it. So lets see.. there are like 6 billion people in the world...that means I'm one of about 3 million people in the entire world who have it. guess i'm lucky?

so are you curious to see what dermatographia looks like? EN-joy.

mine is luckily not this bad. I can still "write" on my skin it just doesn't puff up that bad. I'm just getting so annoyed of it lately. I was shaving my legs today and my legs looked like they had gone completely exorcist for about 10 min.
I'm sooooo pale these days and the pink inflammation is like neon on my white skin. I want to be tan again because when i was tan it wasn't as noticeable. But i don't want skin cancer either. tough call. I know that skin cancer is way worse than freakish skin. But I just really want it to go away. Too bad there is no "cure."

Sad face.

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  1. I want to be tan too. Just use a tan in a bottle.