Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's be real

Let's be real here...

1. I hate Dick's Market in Bountiful. I used to love it but now that they've gone and re arranged everything and basically flip flopped the store and made it look like Albertson's which I HATED. The store closed for obvious reasons! Why are you trying to re-create it? I have to admit that I do like that they have self check out now. Because let's be honest I only run over there when I need to grab a couple things from the store. I do all my "real" shopping at Smiths Marketplace.

2. I'm getting fat. And for no other reason than me and my couch have become like BFF.

3. I can never EVER remember how to hard boil eggs. I have to google it every time. Every. Time.

4. I chose the worlds most worthless degree. I mean seriously worthless. Ok it might be like one step above an art history major, but not by much.

5. Is it ok that I am almost 26 and still have zero idea what I want to do in life?

6. Here are all the the jobs I wish I could do in life

  • pharmacy technician (pharmacists have way too much responsibility, no thank you)
  • Nurse
  • ASL interpreter
  • personal trainer (i'd have to stop getting fat)
  • wedding planner
  • professional cater (which of course would be run out of my house in my gourmet kitchen)
  • web designer
  • children's book author
  • school guidance counselor
7.  Mindy Kaling is my ultimate celebrity role model. Do you know much about her? She is amazing. She is smart, funny, crazy talented. She's a writer, director, producer, actor, author, and Ivy league grad. Have you watched The Mindy Project on Fox? HILARIOUS. You need to watch it. I might have a bit of a girl crush on her. She is amaze-balls.

8. Dang right I just said amaze-balls.

9. This youtube video makes me laugh every time

10. I'm obsessed with this Miranda Lambert's new song Mama's Broken Heart and the video is pretty great too! About 1000 of it's views are from me.

I never know how to end these kind of posts.


1 comment:

  1. 1. i am happy that you blogged!!!!!!
    2. i have to google (or call my mother) whenever i want to hard boil eggs too.
    3. at least you have a degree....
    4. i AM 26 and have no idea what to do with my life.
    5. i also have a love for miranda and that song. makes me happy. as do you.