Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a bit behind...

I'm blogging. That's weird.

I've been MIA. Here's what you missed...

Thanksgiving happened. I started off my morning nice and early at 3:30am to direct the Thanksgiving Day Race. It went awesome. It was our largest race to date. Then I napped and had Thanksgiving dinner which was ok. I was tired and surrounded by 30+ people I barely knew. That's the sucky part of parental re-marriage. "Family time" isn't always with your family.

A few days after Thanksgiving my mom had brain surgery to remove her tumor. It was a very looong surgery. It made for a very looong day. And a very long 4 days while my mom recovered in the neuro intensive care unit at the University hospital. I cried a lot. And in case this is news to you... I didn't really tell anyone. That's how I deal when presented with stressful situations. I pretend they aren't happening. Bad I know. The surgery went awesome. They were able to remove all of the tumor. The tumor was benign. And my mom's recovery has been stellar. She goes back to work next week.

Then came christmas and Izzie was spoiled rotten by her grandparents. In fact, her two favorite toys she got this year were from them. She takes her baby and her "meows" (kitties) every where she goes. She is the best little "mommy". She feeds her baby, changes its diapers, puts her down for naps, etc... She will make a great big sister! One day... ONE DAY. Definitely not an announcement.

We spent New Years Eve with friends. Lot's of laughs, games and inside jokes.

And here we are in 2013. Troy's graduation year. FINALLY. Granted he doesn't graduate until December but I'm sure it will be upon sooner than we think. Don't years just get faster and faster?

Izzie turns TWO next week. Seriously? Well here is a video of Izzie rocking it out with her baby to Guitar Hero for your viewing pleasure.


  1. yay! a blog post! now do more. please. love.

  2. youre so cool leslie! glad everything is good with your mom. and izzie is getting SO BIG! I miss you!