Thursday, June 14, 2012

I learned to drive

So once upon a time Troy and I got married and went golfing on our honeymoon. Worst idea of our entire marriage. Pretty sure Troy was rethinking his "I do's" the whole time. Long story short my ADD kicked in and I was done golfing by hole 4. And we still had 14 more holes to go. Troy has never invited me to go golfing with him ever again. For the record we have mini golfed. I enjoy that. 

These pictures were taken on our Anniversary last month.

I have always semi wanted to go to the driving range but never enough to actually ask Troy to take me. We went mini golfing for our anniversary at some place in Murray and they had this super cool balcony you could hit the balls off. So I said "Troy take me" and after some minor convincing we rented some clubs and he showed me how to "drive". Tiger Woods watch out. I can hit the ball OVER that black net thing. Yes that means my ball veered very much to the right. I think I nearly took Troy's life twice. But I really enjoyed myself! And I think Troy did too. He enjoyed laughing at me when I would swing and miss and literally make myself spin around from force. 

Perhaps Troy and I can golf together on our 50th anniversary??? We'll see.

P.S. How hot does my husband look holding that club??? 


  1. well at least troy has taken you. jae hasn't even attempted that with me. maybe we should stick to mini golfing? yes, let's do that. on our next double. k sweet.

  2. haha leslie. I liked that. I bet i'm worse than you, don't fret.