Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids kill me

It's true, I mean that in more ways than one too. Kids kill me with their great sense of humor, they kill me with their thoughtlessness and sometimes... on days like today they kill me with their Christ like kindness. Today in one of my classes I witnessed something that was so touching to me. Something that I just want to tuck safely in to my memory forever. I know maybe to you it might seem insignificant but it touched my heart.

There is a boy in one of my classes named David. David is by far the best athlete in the class. He honestly is just great at pretty much every sport. He has been blessed with some wicked genetics that's for sure. He's well liked by all of his classmates, he's super cute, always willing to help me out and he's also kind.  I always have to remind my students that they need to include everyone even if they don't like someone. Today in class I let them have some free time. This is always when I have problems with my students because they just want to play with their friends.

David and his friends were playing the game elimination when one of the other boys in class came up and asked if he could join. This other boy is not very well liked because he has some issues. I even have a hard time keeping my patience with him sometimes. He is also not very athletic. After the boy asked I heard and saw the other boys in the group sort of groan and roll their eyes. However, I didn't need to step in to remind the group of my "include everyone" rule. David very quickly said, "Yeah! Come on!"He was so kind to this other boy. David cheered him on even though he wasn't very good. He even went easy on him so this other boy wouldn't get out of the game as fast, even though I heard the other boys whispering that they just wanted to quickly get him out. He made this other boy feel welcome and included even though no one else was willing to.

If I ever have a son I hope he turns out like David. I hope my daughter(s) marry men like that. How do you raise a son to be like that? David's mom where ever you are... great job. You have one amazing son.

Sometimes, with all that's going on in this crazy world with kids going to school with guns and bombs, I get worried. But as long as their are still kids out there like David... I think we'll be alright.


  1. i seriously worry about my unborn children and how they'll be in this crazy world. it seems like we always hear the bad stories, so thank you for sharing a good one les :)

  2. find her. get her secret. i want it. i love moments like that. once in a while something similar happens in primary.

  3. I think that's one of my favorite things about teaching is watching this very kind of thing in action. True, it doesn't happen nearly as often as maybe we'd like it to, but when it does--wow. Great story!